Julia Hidy Marketing strategically designs and produces content that will systematically generate awareness, convert prospects’ interest into leads, build trust and give your sales team more tools and resources.  The content and programs Julia Hidy develops will also give your company and brand the reputation and edge needed to more effectively convert prospects to clients.

A lead-centric approach is taken for all your company’s sales, marketing, PR, advertising, event and activities.  Prospects are given more reasons to consider your company as the solution to their business needs.  Content is written and positioned so that C-level and top decision-makers will know exactly why they would want to purchase and recommend your products, services and solutions.

Julia Hidy has worked at senior levels on the client, agency and company side.  She knows how to connect with, engage, leverage and expand your company’s credibility with prospects, the media, industry leaders, existing clients and top partners.  She’s reported to CEO’s of companies with $10 million to $16 billion in annual revenues and managed their communications, programs and corner office initiatives.  Julia will position your company so your team can compete even more successfully against your largest or most cost-efficient competitors.  She’s been doing this consistently for her clients and employers for the past 12 years.

Julia Hidy will review the impact your products, brands, website, company, sales and marketing activities have had on your company’s results.  Sales collateral, thought leadership, media, analyst and publisher relations, press releases, client case studies and endorsements will be considered or refined.  The ultimate goal is to position your company as a leader in your vertical and horizontal businesses.  Activities online, at events and in print will support, educate, engage and attract prospects and thought leaders.  Your sales team and bottom line will benefit as they build relationships that lead to revenues.


Your sales funnel will grow or shrink, based on the quality of your team, available content and the strength of your product.  Your sales funnel will also expand or contract based on the focus, direction and quality of your marketing, PR, advertising and content campaigns.  Your company’s reputation must be seen as being excellent.

Julia Hidy Marketing develops content that is specifically designed to trigger prospects, and improve your firm’s ratios of leads to conversions.  As your content reaches and engages more C-level executives at every single touch point, your team will receive more opportunities to close more sales with the right people already onside. Otherwise, more company money, time and effort will be required by your sales team as they try to engage the right level of customers.

A company’s reputation must also be seen as being compatible with and similar in stature to your prospects.  It is reasonable to expect they would not otherwise wish to engage a company with a reputation or stature that is less than their own.  Your company must also be perceived as being on par, as far as the quality of your products and services go, with your largest competitors – online and off.

As a boutique marketing agency, we develop and produce content designed to secure leads and increase reputation via:

Our goals is to increase your sales volume and dollar value by finding and nurturing high quality leads and improving the way your sales funnel works.”     Julia Hidy

 Chart showing how great leads will improve sales results

High quality leads will lead to better sales and bottom-line results



In the 1960′s and 1970′s, it took seven or eight impressions before someone could recall a brand.  These days, it can take 30 up to 40 impressions before they’ll recognize your company, what you’ve told them and why.  Your content has to be even more persuasive, images have to be eye-catching, and you’d better have a good story or news to tell them or they will tune you out faster than they can blink or click.

Then there’s a whole other challenge:  people hate being sold.  They don’t dislike it; they hate it.  That’s why when your sales team calls them, they usually don’t want to return the call.  If prospects have gathered information that they, their tribe and peers consider leading-edge, beneficial, cost-effective and good for their business and careers, then they will want to connect with your company.

“First you have to reach, inform and engage prospects.  And engage them until they want to jump into your sales funnel.  All the great brands have done this.”     Julia Hidy

Julia Hidy Marketing is a virtual lead generation and marketing agency with key differences.  Since we target C-level executives, the content and projects we develop will:

  • benefit the long-term growth, client retention and valuation of your company
  • address demanding, complex issues that offer clearly stated, verifiable bottom-line benefits while solving prospects’ technology, customer, operating, supply chain, security, financial and other key company concerns
  • provide your sales team with more warm vs. cold leads
  • find and leverage the best high profile ways to inform, educate, encourage and nurture prospects and
  • improve existing client retention, word-of-mouth and endorsements.

We create content that fully supports your sales representatives’ efforts, pitches and company growth strategies.  We help them focus on what they do best — sell — as they:

  • improve existing client relationships
  • build new, higher quality relationships and
  • close more deals over a shorter period of time.

If your sales funnel works better, it will also likely work more quickly.  This can translate to increased ROI for every marketing dollar spent.  Your publicly available content can make or break your relationships with your clients.  By working with Julia Hidy Marketing, your company will not only keep pace, but effectively differentiate your products and services from your competitors for all the right reasons.


Julia Hidy Marketing can work as quickly or as methodically as your time and budget allow.  In one instance, a company was able to win a U.S. national software developer’s award only three months after the initial stage of their image redesign.

Another company was able to secure new sales after a five year drought.  Feature case studies and high profile speaking engagements soon followed.

Six weeks after developing and launching a comprehensive communications’ plan, a technology project that involved over 1,000 people – and was about to fail – was not only revived but received 100% buy in and success client-wide, on time and on budget.

One firm began to partner with three Fortune 500 firms and found prospective investors.  Within the first year, the company’s sales improved 4X.


Your company must continually refine, update and expand your marketing and sales assets.  The quality, frequency and focus of new content must allow prospects to gain the information and comfort to ‘see,’ ‘hear’ and find out as much as they can about your company online or in print.  Your content must allow your company to ‘stay in the running’ and not be eliminated because of outdated, poorly organized or frustrating experiences – online and off.

Website strategies must help, and not hurt your company.  Websites are no longer online business cards; they are information portals and ongoing resources.  Your company must be as aggressive in your online marketing as your sales team is with your firm’s physical sales.

Our goal for your company and people would be to:

  • make your brand and firm look, sound, and be perceived as unique and special
  • establish, engage and have your brand ranked and considered as being more suitable and beneficial than your competitors
  • reinforce your company’s reputation, ethics and customer satisfaction levels
  • be seen as leaders, visionaries and as highly stable within your vertical and
  • give prospects many reasons to engage and invite your firm in as their possible vendor and partner.

A few more ideas:

  • Your marketing must become more dynamic and engaging vs. static.
  • Relationships have to begin and not be stalled in order to engage with your prospect’s ‘hot’ buttons.
  • Visitors must be one or two clicks away from finding the information that will help them realize your solution really could solve their problems (not just that your narrative tells them that it could).
  • They have to have proof that your firm offers them the ‘best’ solution, product and team for their money.
  • Your company’s improved reputation must also improve your prospects’ internal and external reputations.

What you don’t want to do with your marketing efforts is to only go one-third to three quarters of the distance and ultimately hand your efforts, time, energy and prospects’ business to your competition.

To build a world-class reputation and find more ideal, targeted prospects, allow Julia Hidy Marketing to design and launch exactly the kind of content that will give your sales’ team many more ways to connect with prospects and ultimately close more sales.

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