I’ve designed, managed, and delivered high visibility marketing, sales, branding, ad, PR, and online programs that were able to compete for attention vs. major corporations’ campaigns.  I’ve generated thousands of qualified leads and hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for leading B2B and B2C businesses. Along with acquiring new clients, results have also included securing high profile partnerships, shortening the time it takes to close sales, and achieving faster return on investment(s).

icon_marketing_target_may72015-155x155_orange1cropped3MARKETING: My integrated campaigns identify, track and leverage all relevant opportunities. I'll design, or work with designers and manage service providers, so that campaigns are polished, timely, and compelling. My extensive media, PR, and analyst networks help place in demand content so that Sales' receives high quality leads that they can convert into revenues.
icon_marketing_collateral_to_revenues_may62015-150x154SALES: I develop and manage the high converting websites, sales' collateral, and activities specifically proven to consistently deliver high quality leads to Sales. I craft, redesign and add fresh content regularly, and streamline digital, print, media and social media funnels so they work better. I know exactly how to get key decision-makers onside more quickly.
icon_digital_cloud_makes_sales_may62015_150x150ONLINE: My online activities will engage and convert readers, viewers and listeners. I develop and manage websites and landing pages, can drive traffic, and know how to convert it. I produce videos, webinars, podcasts, e-books, and use social media and digital platforms to leverage content for branding, awareness, and sales. It helps that I'm a SEO ninja.

After working with CEO’s, consultants and agencies, I know the triggers that make decision-makers want to make purchases. My campaigns’ results have been that::

  • effective prospect contact points were considered, optimized and leveraged;
  • all content supported multiple ways to engage and convert prospects; and
  • sales’ teams could spend more time nurturing and closing active leads.

After I write, edit, set up and leverage the digital, print, multimedia and website content that I create and curate, your firm’s fully-integrated campaigns will attract prospects’ attention, resulting in traffic and in faster conversions.

I know what B2B executives need to know in order to pull the ‘buy’ trigger.  I effectively lead them through my content and pages, and build in factual and emotional triggers that make it easier for them to want, trust, and accept your people, products and services.

Since I was a project manager reporting directly to FP and Fortune 500 CEO’s, my activities and campaigns will be on time and on budget.

As a proven marketer, lead generation expert, digital strategist and content creator, I write, edit, produce and visually design the content that will allow your firm to compete successfully against all competitors. I ensure that the analytical side of marketing meshes seamlessly with creative, eye-catching, and high converting results. Your brand, sales, and team receive the visibility, traction, and financial rewards they need.

Better, Smarter and Faster

I customize, test and refine each marketing, sales’ and online activity to achieve optimum results.

As an experienced brand strategist and sales’ funnel redesign expert, your products and services will be presented in ways that can improve market share and revenues – month-over-month and year-over year.

I’ve built exceptional relationships with top trade and consumer media. I’m able to launch or relaunch products and channels in multiple verticals in North America and globally. I have built and know how to run successful partner programs – with small to Global Fortune 500 firms.

Contact me to find out how I can design and trigger high quality lead generation programs, and improve your digital, event, social and other pre-sales’ funnels. You’ll receive demand content and rich multimedia collateral that actually gets results.