Julia Hidy

Every company and organization must have high quality marketing content to share with their prospects, employees, partners, stakeholders and the public. For sales and lead generation, the best content is designed to trigger curiosity and inform people about verifiable ways to improve their lives, solve their problems and make them want to get the solution, product or service – now.

Any one piece of content or collateral has to be smart and memorable – for all the right reasons. The message must be seen to benefit the individual – as well as their company. That way, they’ll be more inclined to share it with their peers or management. All content also needs to be designed as an integrated part of an effectively-designed sales’ funnel that compels, entices, educates and makes a prospect want to grab their phone or click.

But that’s not enough: all pre-sales’ and sales’ touch points have to make a prospect want to jump into your sales’ funnel to connect and so that the prospect believes it was their idea to engage.

I craft strategic campaigns that motivate and close deals faster than industry norms. I’ve already experimented with what does or doesn’t work, so I won’t waste time or money. I know.

Making Decision-makers Happy

It also helps that I can deliver the quality and wide range of content that can appeal to the greatest number of qualified potential prospects. That’s because I’ve written content on behalf of all levels of management.

But what sets me apart and ahead of the marketing pack is that I’m one of the only marketers I know who has actually reported to and been the lead communications’ professional for a number of high profile and high net worth CEO’s and Presidents. I know what triggers them to buy – or not. That’s why I can design content that will pre-sell what you have so that Sales’ will get less resistance and more conversions. I’ll have already given the prospects’ the validated business cases they need to be able to get the approvals to purchase your products. That way, Sales’ job becomes much easier.

Julia Hidy - marketer, communications, project manager and meeting planner

As a marketer and communications’ professional to top B2B and B2C firms, I’ve designed, written and produced content, collateral, and presentations that get as many – and often more – lead requests as the biggest players in my markets. I quickly eliminate any resistance about the ‘size’ of the company.

Then I ensure that content is available in different formats and outlets – in digital, print, audio and video – so that people can get the messages in the ways they most prefer.

Every day, I’m able to leverage the my decade of experiences as the former right arm to CEO’s and as their in-house communications’ strategist, personal copywriter and speechwriter, project manager, and senior media representative. Why is this key? I speak C-level’ese. I know exactly what the folks who report to the corner office want and need to know to get the CEO or boss onside, and what will make other C-level people look good to their CEO and Board. Effectively, I inform and make all parties on the prospect’s side comfortable that they are about to make a great business decision by buying from your firm. Plus, I hit all the ‘soft’ touch points so they will become emotionally comfortable with the deal on the table. Thus, I:

  • design strategic programs that will give Sales a steady stream of qualified leads;
  • improve media coverage, brand awareness, and digital conversions;
  • inform and get key decision-makers onside to help close sales faster;
  • develop thought leadership programs that industry leaders will actually read and view;
  • can manage large projects and teams – of employees, consultants, agencies and software developers;
  • can set up users’ group and other meetings designed to effectively upsell even more products to your existing customers (I’ve planned $3.5 million in events); and
  • I’ll keep my projects on track, on budget, and will likely improve on the deliverables.

I have also set up or managed many key partnerships and business relationships. A few of my results are: Sales millions, articles hundreds, leads thousands, projects $250 million and 2 US national awards

Marketing Mastery 

I find and nurture qualified leads pre-sales. By strategically placing compelling messages and articles in the right places for the right prospects to discover, I give them more reasons to want to engage with your Sales’ team.

By always considering what the CFO’s, CTO’s, CMO’s, ops, supply chain leaders and other key players need, I give them what they want and have to have. Along with leading software developers, I’ve also worked on the client and agency side for JWT, McKim, AT&T Canada, Molsons, Trilon, Lonvest (London Life), Symcor, and top CPG’s, internet marketing, legal, financial and professional services’ firms. Thus, I have experiences in many verticals.

Content that Drives Sales

As a multimedia content producer, I can take any form of collateral and produce it in all other formats. A written brochure can be turned into videos and/or audios. I’m also able to effectively:

  • Re-position your brand relative to key competitors;
  • Build your company’s brand and credibility with prospects and the media; and
  • Build and manage beneficial partnerships, analyst and affiliate programs and consulting teams,

To motivate prospects to connect and buy, I don’t ever use hype; I use facts. I show prospects results that they can and will want to replicate. I create the ultimate marketing, collateral, prospect and user programs via:

To know more about the types of strategic programs, content and projects I can develop, contact me to discuss how I can improve your firm’s results too.