As a marketer, I will strategically design and produce content and programs to systematically generate awareness, convert prospects’ interest into leads, build trust, and give your sales team more ways – and reasons – to close sales.

I take a lead-centric approach when I develop content. Marketing, advertising, content creation, PR, media management, events and prospect and client activities, are all integrated and set up to ultimately turn content touch points into sales.  I give prospects more reasons and ways to consider, engage with, and decide that they want to, and are ready to choose your company as their partner.

I also develop content to position your executives and staff as preeminent experts in their field. This helps build and reinforce your company’s position in the marketplace. It also helps build more layers of interest, trust, and perceived value.

By finding the most compelling reasons and solutions to prospects’ and clients’ pain points, businesses will realize that your firm and solutions understand their business’ needs. This will help your sales’ team close a higher ratio of deals and boost ROI.  I’ll work closely with your sales and other teams to ensure that your sales’ pipeline is full of high quality leads on an ongoing basis.

I’ll continually look for the best ways to create buy-in and acceptance. Although I focus on prospects’ C-level and key decision-makers, I make it a point to consider the decision-making process overall, and in the many ways that potential budget holders and their users will interact with your content and people in my and their firm.

Why do I know how to do this? I’ve had a rich and varied career. I’ve been an employee or on contract to have the firsthand understanding of what it takes to relate and effectively communicate to people at all levels within a firm, with diverse backgrounds, and from many cultural influences. It helps that I’ve also reported to several top CEO’s and managed millions of dollars in projects for their firms.  I’ve also been responsible for their communications with their employees.

Plus, I’ve run many campaigns and programs for SMB,entrepreneurial to Fortune 100 firm with the media, analysts, partners, and stakeholders.  You could say I’m a master communicator.  And with that knowledge comes the power to help you fill your sales’ funnel.

I’ve learned how to turn prospects into enthusiastic buyers.

What I Do Sets Your Company Up for Success

Sales are the lifeblood of any company.  When your marketing activities are effective, your company and products will make more sales.  If you leave your marketing to less experienced or less competent marketers, your sales team won’t have the types of leads they need to close deals, ROI will go down, and you will waste time and money, or wonder what happened to your company’s brand and reputation. My marketing activities will eliminate those concerns and worries.

I’ve worked at senior levels with executives on the client, agency and company side for B2B and B2C firms. I know exactly what the folks in the corner office, and the people who sign off on budgets, want to know that will motivate them to make a purchase.  I will:

  • Re-position your brand relative to key competitors.
  • Set your products apart to be seen as the ideal solution in your target market.
  • Build your company’s credibility with prospects so they want to know more about what you can do for them.
  • Motivate prospects to want to know more and connect in ways that will lead to engagement.

I make it easier for your sales’ team to close deals.  I don’t use hype; I use facts.  And it’s the way I use these facts that has helped me drive more leads that led to sales.  This is how I do it:

Integrated Campaigns Meet Multimedia Content

Whether the sales content I create is digital, print, video, audio, I know how to craft ideal messages that get results.  I will also get media onside to tell your stories.  I’ll find the industry analysts and influencers to add their voice to your brand’s story.  I can start broad or drill down into specific verticals.  It also doesn’t hurt that I have a killer black book of contacts who will likely want to know more about what your company can do and has to offer their own prospects, business partners, readers, viewers and/or fans.

I will continually review the impact your products, brands, website, company, sales and marketing activities have had on your company’s sales and bottom line.  I like to do A/B testing, whenever possible, to refine conversions and to improve my and your results.

My specialty is in developing sales collateral, thought leadership content and pitch ideas that the media, analyst and influencers will want to cover. The content and narrative are designed to give prospects enough information, but to also give them triggers so they will want to know more.

By pre-selling prospects, I can help pre-qualify new prospects – even before your sales’ team engages with them. I’ve developed processes that will automate parts of your lead generation funnel.  All leads are captured, but the active leads are highlighted and given to sales.  This allows your sales team to focus on working with leads that are already valuable.  This helps them use their time to close more purchases.  And I help them avoid wasting their time trying to appease chronic tire kickers.

Pre-Sales’ Funnel Optimization 

I design a semi-automated sales’ funnel for less active, less motivated and for the chronic tire kickers.  The results:

  • your sales team will be happy;
  • less motivated prospects won’t feel as much pressure being sold (because they are not at that stage in the sales’ cycle), and can still gather more information until they are completely pre-sold;
  • resistant prospects will be given information they want without wasting too much of your sales’ team’s time.

I create the ultimate in win-win-win marketing programs.

As a boutique marketing agency, I develop and produce content designed to secure leads and increase reputation via:

My goal is to increase your sales volume and dollar value by finding and nurturing high quality leads and improving the way your sales funnel works.”     Julia Hidy

 Chart showing how great leads will improve sales results

High quality leads will lead to more sales with high quality new client, and improve your bottom-line results.


In the 1960’s and 1970’s, it took seven or eight impressions before someone could recall a brand.  These days, most marketers require 30 up to 40 impressions before a new prospect will recognize your company. My content has converted viewers and readers into prospects and clients in as few as three to eight impressions. This gives your company a huge edge, when compared to your competitors.

I find ways to make your content compelling, eye-catching and memorable.  I also ensure that the story your company ‘tells’ allows people to WANT to pay attention to your message rather than tune you out.

Where most people hate being sold to, I’ve figured out how to let their peers tell them and they end up wanting what you have. I have done this successfully with a number of different clients in a number of verticals, so I know that what I do works — well. And your sales’ team and bottom line benefit.

“First you have to reach, inform and engage prospects.  Then you have to engage them until they want to jump into your sales funnel.  All the great brands have done this. That’s what I’ll do for your firm and brand.”     Julia Hidy

As a lead generation and marketing agency, I target your primary customer – whether it’s C-level executives, in-store shoppers, or the operations folks. What I do will:

  • benefit your firm’s short- and long-term growth, client retention levels, and ultimate valuation of your company;
  • address demanding, complex issues with clearly stated, verifiable bottom line benefits while solving prospects’ technology, customer, product, operating, supply chain, security, financial and other key company concerns;
  • provide your sales team with more warm vs. cold leads;
  • find and leverage the best high profile ways to inform, educate, encourage and nurture prospects; and
  • improve existing client retention, word-of-mouth while providing top quality endorsements.

I create content that fully supports your sales representatives’ efforts, pitches and company growth strategies.  We all get on and stay on the same page. I’ll help them focus on what they do best — sell — as they:

  • improve existing client relationships;
  • build new, higher quality relationships; and
  • close more deals in a shorter period of time.

If your sales funnel works better, it will also likely work more quickly.  That’s something I help your company redesign so it translates into doing business better and faster. Plus, I optimize and make every marketing, PR or ad dollar spent worthwhile.

Your publicly available content can make or break your relationships with your prospects and clients.  By working with me, your company will not only keep pace, but will effectively differentiate your products and services from your competitors for all the right reasons – whether you are the leaser in your market or vertical.  Or if you are a new firm trying to compete successfully with the big players.  .

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