I design, manage and deliver high quality leads for B2B and B2C businesses. My campaigns have generated thousands of leads and millions of dollars in sales. The new clients, acquisitions, partnerships and branding improved my firms’ bottom lines and ROI.

I’ll set up and leverage all types of digital, print and multimedia content. Your campaigns will be fully integrated and well managed. I’m also a proven content creator, writer, producer and visual designer so that the analytical and marketing needs will mesh with positively influence the creative results.

I’ve also revived existing brands specialist.

icon_marketing_collateral_to_revenues_apr2015-202x208_4colFind out a few of the ways I'm able to deliver high quality leads to Sales' Teams on a consistent basis.
icon_marketing_target_apr2015-204x202_orange1My Marketing campaigns integrate with sales, product development, customer service, finance and new and existing clients.
icon_digital_cloud_makes_sales_apr2015_206x206_4colDigital content needs to convert well, fast and consistently in all mediums and platforms.

I will customize, test and refine each marketing, sales and online activity so it will achieve optimum results. As an experienced marketer, brand strategist and sales’ funnel redesign expert, your products and services will compete successfully and improve market share, month-over-month and year-over year.

I have exceptional relationships with top trade and consumer media. I’m able to build and establish your campaigns in new channels and verticals. And I have built and run partner programs with SMB’s to Global Fortune 500 firms.

I’m the catalyst who triggers high quality lead generation for B2B and B2C firms. I set up digital, event, social and other pre-sales’ funnels so that your sales’ team can make more sales faster and boost the bottom-line.

After generating tens of millions of dollars of sales, based on my leads, I know a thing or three about what type of content, media outlets, analysts and partners will generate meaningful results.

My goal is to be the person or run a team that makes Marketing, Sales and Senior firm management look and feel good.  That happens when results are ongoing.  And getting solid results is my goal.

I have designed and run many different types of campaigns for broad and highly specialized technology firms. I can convert a $20 sale.  I can also convert a $1 million sale, and more.