Meeting Planning

I’ve planned over $3.5 million in events. This includes arranging high profile events in Toronto, across Canada, and in New York, L.A., Palm Beach, London, Chicago and other major cities.

In addition to annual users’ group meetings over 2-3 days, I’ve also set up many small to large events such as:

  • invitation only online portals and large virtual trade shows and e-conferences;
  • webinars with 1,000 attendees online – speaker and organizer;
  • company meetings for staff with 20 to 10,000 attendees;
  • Introduce new president to staff (5,000 attendees for AT&T Canada);
  • Fortune 100 and Financial Post 100 annual general shareholder’s meetings;
  • executive and staff dinners from 20 to 1,000;
  • head office openings (Scotia Plaza – King & Bay Sts);
  • pizza for 500 to $10,000 a plate charitable events;
  • national and large association annual meetings – speaker;
  • 14 dinner meetings across Canada for 200 to 750 with cocktails, meals and live entertainment (Molsons);
  • golf tournaments for Fortune 500 and Financial Post 100 participants – host and M.C. (Symcor, Royal Bank, BoM and T-D);
  • financial roadshows to 20-cities in 10 business (raised $220 million);
  • small to large software Users’ group meetings; and
  • events to raise money for charities.

For sales’ meetings, I can help design content and arrange for case studies to be adapted into HD videos that can be displayed on large screens. I can do the same with presenters’ slide decks.

Meetings for 10 to 10,000

As well as the meetings above, I’ve also set up executive summits, workshops, and black tie dinners. I have meeting planning down to a refined science and can delegate and supervise meeting planning, if staff is available.

Special Meetings

I’ve also planned meetings with executives such as Richard Branson, billionaires, national leaders (Canadian Prime Ministers), prominent C.E.O.’s, high ranking politicians (U.S. Ambassador and former head of the U.S. Treasury), New York Times’ best selling authors, top Billboard musicians, network talk show hosts (Jay Leno), and other celebrities.

banquet tables for corporate event

I’ve also planned and managed large corporate events at the Governor General’s residence in Ottawa, the Montreal Forum, wineries, and in a brewery. I’m able to set up seating charts to put the right people beside each other. I’ll ensure that all details are taken care of, including:

  • content development, multimedia presentations and visuals;
  • speakers, entertainment and music;
  • venue, table and menu planning;
  • logistics and timing recommendations; and
  • suggested and planned post-meeting sales’ follow ups.