The web has completely changed the way companies and entrepreneurs do business. Google’s ongoing algorithm changes make it imperative to know now to set up, write web optimized content, and correctly place links – to, from and inside our sites – in order to be found, and not penalized online. Yet, being able to be found online is only one facet that makes up the digital world. You also have to be able to engage and convert sales – often in only seconds.

“Not a single sale takes place without an online visit.”              DemandBase, VUE2011, Virtual Conference, 2011

It’s one thing to make an impression online. It’s another thing to be able to start and make a sale online. All of your content has to be designed to be part of your sales funnel. That way, all touch points will build prospect and customer engagement while demonstrating superior attention to customer service levels.

Online Mastery

After working with leading technology firms and internet marketers, I can help continually improve your firm’s digital presence and add the right kind of touch points to your sales’ funnel.

In B2C marketing, you want to define a precise niche of prospects, drive traffic, and then make them an offer to convert them once they’re on your site. In B2B marketing, you want to provide each site visitor with the ideal way for them to gather information and so they can decide when and how to interact with and contact your firm. You also have to give prospects subtle encouragement to engage.  As much as it seems you’re giving away ‘control’ of the deal to your prospect, in fact every click they make can drive them deeper into your Sales’ funnel – if your website is set up correctly.

By making it easy to answer prospects’ and clients’ questions via your website and digital content, you give your sales’ team a head start to focus on more active prospects. Each click, swipe and page view will actually move them deeper into your funnel.

Whether a prospect arrives at your site via a third-party, a search engine, or a social site, your website will be optimized as a sales’ portal – not as simply a digital brochure. My activities will give them the quality of experience that will allow them to meet their needs, rather than be limited by a web designer’s vision for your site (note: most web designers are not proven marketers).

I can make your website ready for tablet, laptop and mobile devices.

All areas of your website will be modified and checked to work on all devices, including retina-ready iPads, tablets, Smartphones, and other devices.

Tell, Don’t Sell

I’ve found the best ways to draw in new prospects is to educate, and ‘layer’ your content so that it will:

  • offer many ways to interest them;
  • be truthful and accurate;
  • be available in written, video, audio, short and long formats that play on all devices;
  • meet their anticipated wants;
  • help them conclude that you have what they need; and
  • gives them even more content and answers questions only a click or two away.

I develop content-centric digital, video, and social campaigns to improve your online presence, reputation and revenues. Programs are set up to encourage engagement. I also make it a point to position your company, products and services as the thought leaders – regardless of your company’s size – in your vertical.

As well as full or partial website and blog designs or redesigns, I add prospect sales’ touch points via:

  • publisher and high traffic websites sites;
  • YouTube and other key video sites;
  • audio, podcaster, slideshare and presentation aggregator sites;
  • relevant social media sites;
  • strategies to place content on top 100 Alexa ranked websites with do follow backlinks; and
  • live and pre-recorded automated sales and content webinars.