It’s one thing to make an impression online. It’s another thing to be able to start and make a sale online. All digital content I design or oversee will be part of your sales’ funnel. That way, all touch points will build prospect and customer engagement, and conversions.

I stay up-to-date on Google’s ongoing algorithm and policy changes. This will make it much easier for your sites’ pages to be found online since I will write and produce:

  • effective sales content that will be web optimized for mobile and all other devices;
  • place links correctly to, from, and within content, and in the optimum ratios, so the number and type of links will be in line with Google’s algorithms;
  • content that is backed by white hat SEO; and
  • engaging content that more easily converts to sales.

“Not a single sale takes place without an online visit.”              DemandBase, VUE2011, Virtual Conference, 2011

Online Mastery

After working with leading technology firms and internet marketers, I know how to:

  • continually improve and update your firm’s online presence;
  • add the right kind of digital touch points that will convert prospects;
  • define a precise niche, drive traffic, and then make an offer that converts;
  • provide each site visitor with ideal ways to gather information, interact and make further contact; and
  • drive prospects deeper into your Sales’ funnel.

By making it easy to answer prospects’ and clients’ questions via your website and digital content, your sales’ team gets a head start. Each click, swipe, and page view will actually move prospects deeper into your funnel. That is why it is so important to have the right content and linking strategies.  My efforts help sales be able to quickly identify and focus on more active prospects.


I’ll optimize your website to be a sales’ portal – not simply a digital brochure, or an online business card. My content will give prospects a high quality experience that meets their business needs, rather than be limited by a web designer’s vision (who is often not a marketer, let alone a lead or sales’ expert) for your site.

Your online presence will also be kept visually current and relevant.  As videos will move from 63% to 80% of pre-sales’ content (Source:  Citrix) by 2017, I’ll not only add videos to your sites, but will add videos that include multiple calls to action, transcripts, and that can appeal to general and vertical-specific target markets, and niche market segments.

Their Business Has to Be Your Business

As in written materials, prospects want to know that you understand THEIR business. They don’t care about your competitors – even if they are researching them too.  They only want to know that you can do what they need your firm to do. And they want the answers to their questions 24/7/365.

All areas of your website must be optimized for sales.  There has been a trend in B2B to reduce the number of pages available – due to perceived mobile design limitations.  Even one executive coming to one page can convert into a new client and a sale.  If that web page were not to be included in a new website redesign, that executive may find the information they’re looking for on your competitors’ site.

It’s my job to make sure that your prospects’ questions are answered on YOUR site.

Fully Responsive Sites for Optimum Engagement

I make sure that your site will be fully responsive to work on all devices, including retina-ready iPads, tablets, Smartphones, and over-sized projection screens.

I can make your website read for tablet, laptop and mobile devices.

Layered Messaging

I attract new prospects and educate them.  I will set up ‘layers’ of your messages so that the associated content will:

  • offer multiple ways to interest prospects;
  • meet prospects anticipated wants and needs;
  • be truthful and accurate;
  • be available in written and video formats that can be viewed and play on all devices;
  • help them conclude that you have what they need; and
  • gives prospects even more answers via content that is only a click or two away.

My first jobs were as a copywriter at two well-known Canadian ad agencies.  I’ve since gained the business and technical experience to understand know how to turn attention into interest, and then leverage that interest into a sale.

I’ve also learned how to speak in multiple voices.  I can craft content for the CEO to the Customer Service Desk, and in between.  I can turn geek speak into understandable layman’s content that converts well at all levels of management.  Thus, I can use a short-form, chirpy voice for social media posts.  And I can take on the President’s voice (working as the ghost writer to top CEO’s means that I’m comfortable doing this).  And then, I can speak geek with the best of them.

Why is this important to your digital presence?  If your company is trying to attract major corporations as clients, the more ‘voices’ you have in your online content, the more they will feel comfortable that your firm is large enough to handle their business.

I also support the messages and content that I create in multiple formats so that a digital article can be printed, turned into a video, and be used in a webinar and for social campaigns.

More than a Website

To me, your company’s online presence becomes much more than a website, a blog and social channels.  I work to continually improve your online reach, reputation, and revenues. My programs encourage engagement. I set up your company so they will be seen as thought leaders – regardless of your company’s size or current profile.

In addition to managing and populating your websites and blogs with content, I add and leverage prospect online sales’ touch points via:

  • publisher and high traffic websites sites;
  • YouTube and other key video sites, including optimizing SEO for channel content;
  • audio, podcaster (iTunes), Slideshare and presentation aggregator sites;
  • relevant social media sites whereby one post gets backlink credit from Google and auto-populates other social sites – thus saving time and effort;
  • strategies to place content on top 100 and top 1,000 ranked websites with do follow backlinks; and
  • live and pre-recorded automated sales and content webinars.

Contact me to learn how and why I’m able to produce so much relevant digital content.