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The online world has completely changed the way companies and entrepreneurs do business. In the last few years, Google’s algorithm changes have also changed how we set up, write and link content inside our sites, as well as to and from external sites.

The impression your digital content leaves will be key to securing any sale. Prospects must be able to find you quickly and easily online.

“Not a single sale takes place without an online visit.”              DemandBase, VUE2011, Virtual Conference, Nov. 2011

You have seconds to convince someone to click or keep looking at your message. They will decide – in a blink or a click – to become your prospect, or not.

You must have effective ad headers, banners for ads and enough highly relevant, unique and interesting content on your website to make them want to go and then stay on your pages.  Each click is potential revenue that a stellar digital campaign can convert sales.

As well as brand, educate and convert, your content must:

  • interest them,
  • be accurate,
  • be available in multi-media formats that play on all devices,
  • meet their anticipated wants, and
  • give them more content that’s only a click or two away.

I develop content-centric digital, video, and social campaigns to improve your online presence, reputation and revenues.  Programs are designed so your company’s website and other online portals will get attention, mindshare, and reader, listener and viewer engagement.

I also make it a point to position your company, products and services as the thought leaders – regardless of your company’s size – in your vertical.

In addition to full or partial website and/or blog designs or redesigns, I can improve your online engagement and sales’ touch points via:

  • publisher and high traffic portals
  • video sites – YouTube and other key video sites
  • audio and podcaster sites
  • Slideshare and presentation aggregator sites
  • relevant social media sites
  • mobile app development, interactive content and learning tools
  • live and pre-recorded automated sales and content webinars

All areas of your website will be modified for tablets, iPads, Smartphones and other devices.

SEO Best Practices 

Many marketers did their employers and clients a great disservice by recommending link-building strategies that have now either compromised or delisted the websites.  I’ve always only taken a white hat approach to building and promoting websites. Being ranked #1 on page 1 of Google is great.  But if that’s a challenge, there are enough ways to drive qualified prospects to your website, SEO is now more about being able to connect with the person who has arrived on your site or pages, and then convincing them that they want to connect with your firm.

This infographic (published on Nov. 6, 2014) by Nei lPatel is a simple view of how what was old is new again.


Julia Hidy Marketing has updated and improved the selling capabilities of noted technology and other companies via their online image.  She has taken tired sites, designs, old outdated logos, ineffective content and revamped the first and lasting impression these companies made on their prospects, existing clients, media, thought leaders and business partners.  All sales’ touchpoints were favorably impacted.  The results were that her clients could be considered for coveted U.S. national awards, garnered top magazine rankings, and received more media coverage and leads than they’d had in years. These firms were also approached by Fortune 100 and well-respected companies as partners for sales, marketing and other bottom-line boosting initiatives.

Online, prospects and influencers want to know quickly what you can do for them.  In addition to your website, prospects will also check:

  • any specialized product pages, white papers, case studies and client endorsements they can read, hear or see
  • which companies’ and sites link to yours and who your business partners are+
  • blogs, podcasts and video podcasts available
  • product, sales, FAQ and user support information videos
  • trade magazine coverage and community comments
  • articles and reviews written by respected editors and reputable third-party experts
  • webinars or podcasts from analysts, industry leaders and company management
  • executive bios, summaries and insights
  • speaking and event appearances and trade show participation
  • associations your company belongs to and
  • active LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter and/or social media portals you participate in and prospects can review.

 business man viewing computer program on screen

Your website has eight seconds – at most – to make a good online impression.


At Julia Hidy Marketing, we’re experts in helping you create, restore, manage and notably improve your company’s online brand visibility and perceptions.  We have designed highly effective campaigns for companies who had either virtually no brand presence or online collateral, or who had poor content and even worse branding.  We then quickly built up their online collateral so they became North American leaders in their specific verticals.

We have also helped these firms add a tremendous number of high quality back links, and other online content so they could be far more likely to be found by their prospects.  We’ve had campaigns that resulted in Google page 1 keyword rankings for products, coverage receied at high profile  events, and inbounds from Tier-1, 2 and 3 partners, and most importantly, good prospects.

Julia Hidy Marketing can redesign your brand and online ‘personality’ so your products, team and services will be more highly regarded online.

The Web IS an actual web.  Every online mention can make your web presence, brand and company stronger.  Certain types of mentions will boost rankings and search engine results far more than others.  Julia Hidy Marketing knows how to get and leverage those mentions to your product’s, firm’s and sales’ teams’ ultimate benefit.


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