Sales’ Funnels

Sales’ leaders and their teams are the true rock stars of any company. They know their business, have tremendous skills and personalities, and know their products inside out. Best, they’re hardwired to close deals.

I’m hardwired to give Sales leads and design content to ensure inbound and other programs can close faster and more easily. My content and supporting programs work synergistically to move prospects deeper into a clearly-defined and well-oiled sales’ funnel.

Most Sales professionals are too busy managing and closing deals. As their marketing partner, I make sure that they will have all the marketing resources, collateral, partnership programs, affiliates, and leads they need to guarantee their success.

Plus, I create collateral that’s compelling, garners high profile media coverage, book steady streams of articles, and automate supporting emails, and many other marketing activities, all designed to draw in and hold prospects’ attention until Sales gets them onside. Since I specialize in delivering high quality qualified leads, I’ll likely keep Sales’ funnel full.

Half dollar silver coins representing sales opportunities

Marketing Gap Analysis

I’ve often worked with firms’ sales’ leaders to take a fresh look at their sales’ funnels and activities. This helps me become familiar with what Sales is doing and what value I can add.  Often, I find there is not enough of the right kind of content or collateral available. Or the content is only available in print, rather than in print, video, audio and/or .pdf’s and is mobile-ready. Or the timing of outreach can be improved and/or refined to get better results.

I also set up client references and testimonial campaigns that will verify product features, company claims and help notably further boost Sales’ conversion rates further. By filling in any marketing gaps, Sales will be able to give prospects the best possible experiences to learn about products and services, and make informed purchases. Since most prospects like to do research on their own prior to connecting with Sales, this gives prospects exactly what they want, when they want it.  I’ve:

  • developed high converting sales landing pages;
  • email capture programs;
  • streamlined emails and auto-responder messaging and sequences;
  • added new videos, audios, multimedia collateral and images; and
  • I’ve refined Sales’ presentations so they can improve conversion and close rates during sales presentations.

All of my marketing activities are strategically designed and take place to make the Sales’ team look great and pull in revenues. Full stop.

Expand Sales’ Reach

A few of the other activities that I’ve done to expand an existing sales’ funnel is to design campaigns and programs that will:

o increase a company’s visibility in top existing and new verticals
o to boost underperforming activities or verticals;
o find fresh leads by reaching new audiences for existing products;
o encourage existing clients to provide contacts and new leads;
o set up various tests for new products and/or features;
o ensure there is regular media coverage resulting in fresh collateral for your key products and services; and
o improve the ratio of sales that close relative to the number of contacts, calls and face-to-face meetings taken.

I’m able to test, measure, assess, modify and build new audiences with my campaigns and support Sales in every way possible. Sales will be able to do what they do best: sell more products, services, and/or licences, service their clients, and make the company more profitable.

“A lead is always a lead until the deal closes and the prospect becomes an actual client.”      Julia Hidy