Funnel Refinements

Julia Hidy Marketing develops eye catching, compelling and highly effective sales collateral for all touch points in your lead generation, sales acquisition and ongoing client retention process.  Julia Hidy leverages her extensive experience having worked for global business owners, CEO’s and C-level leaders.  She knows why they will choose one deal vs. another.  She can develop your content to improve their reactions and reduce their resistance.

Julia’s agency specializes in creating content to receive leads from C-level executives (and yes, mid-management, consultants and students will still tag along).  She helps you refine your messaging and produce content that they can read, view, hear and interact with.  Julia’s agency scripts and produces suitable multimedia C-level content (videos, audios, teleseminars, webinars, events and PowerPoint presentation videos) to further boost prospect awareness and leads.  All of the materials work synergystically to move prospects deeper into a clearly-defined sales’ funnel.

Your own sales and marketing team may have made excellent inroads.  Julia Hidy Marketing will build on their successes, improve your and their results and will design campaigns and programs that:

  • can boost your company’s visibility in verticals that have been underperforming
  • reach new audiences for new products
  • launch and expose your brand into multiple verticals and
  • improve the ratio of sales made relative to the number of calls and face-to-face meetings.



They say it only takes seconds to make a good first impression.  If the first impression you’ve made is not as a company’s ideal vendor, then you will have to work harder.  This is where reworking all of your marketing and sales touch points so they see you as ‘new and improved’ will allow them to far more readily reengage with your representatives.  You want to have marketing materials that give your company a much better chance they’ll enter and then move through your sales funnel.

If you can solve your clients’ problems, we can show your prospects that you can solve their problems too.”     Julia Hidy



When you hand your sales’ collateral or product brochures to prospects, they will have one of two likely reactions:

  • 1.  They look at your brochure, pamphlet or content, and then look back at you and keep nodding; they don’t really say too much.


  • 2.  They look at your brochure, and focus on a fact, feature or statement that really catches their attention or something that was said that relates to the brochure and say, “You really do that?”  “How many clients do you have?”  “How long does it take to install?”  “Are those the kind of results I can expect?”  Or better:

“Your product would solve a lot of our problems!”

THEY then engage more fully with your reps.

THEY want to see what else you can tell them that interests them.

THEY have questions that THEY want answered that were triggered because of your collateral or content.  Their body language, length of eye contact, and non-verbal signals indicate THEY have moved from indifferent to need to want.

THEY ARE interested in knowing by sharing more information and by keeping in contact.


You may also receive reaction #1 initially, but if after the prospect reads your online or print collateral, you can’t afford to have reaction #1. Otherwise, your material is only going to go into their circular file, or the bottomless pit of their ‘to read’ file.



Highly effective PR, advertising, marketing and sales campaigns must be in place to ensure your prospects to get to ‘yes’ faster and with confidence.  Even though our goal is to fill your sales’ lead funnel and help you achieve solid results and ROI for your marketing dollars.  If they get into your funnel and then you don’t have enough compelling and effective follow-up sales content, they will only ever be a lead, and not a prospect.

With your help and by undergoing a consultative process, we can redesign or create highly effective programs for the second, third and more advanced stages of your sales’ funnel.

Julia Hidy Marketing also develops programs to boost company representatives’ stature so they will be seen as industry-leading experts, visionaries and thought leaders.  We can help your key staff book high profile speaking engagements, participate in webinars, sit on panels, or be asked to join elite groups.  This opens up opportunities for your company to be branded, become sponsor of and be seen as experts at industry and association events, special sales’ summits and virtual conferences. Additional high quality leads will result and your net sales will also likely increase.

It helps to be able to pitch your prospective client in their preferred learning style.  Prior to a formal sales presentation, there are many things your company can do to engage your new future client online.  It’s been proven that many people like and want to do their research and due diligence on a new partner via online research.  Usually, this has to happen on a prospect’s own time, their terms and via fast, easy to access content. You want them to come to the conclusion that they want to find out more about what you can do for them.

Julia Hidy Marketing will produce new, repurpose current and revamp older, but still pertinent messaging or content so that you can have even more ways to make contact in the e-marketplace.  She’ll also help you rework your second, third and close stage content so it will appeal more personally to the people who have decided to get to know more about your company.  It’s been found that inadequate second, third and close stage collateral and endorsement information to actually close a sale is often one of the greatest stumbling blocks to SMB firms.

“A lead is always a lead until the deal closes and they become an actual client.”      Julia Hidy