Partnerships have become more sophisticated, require more effort and can provide more opportunities.

Julia Hidy Marketing has consulted with her clients to develop, secure and refine their working relationships.  She’s been involved with her clients’ key partners and worked on partnership programs with companies such as:  Microsoft, IBM, Motorola, HP, Bell, Xerox, DigiPos, noted environmental products’ manufacturers, among many others.

Whether it’s a Tier-1 partner, or an important strategic alliance, Julia Hidy can provide your company with support to:

  • Develop and refine new partnership presentations.
  • Complete online ‘applications’ and web page listings.
  • Work together to define and create mutually beneficial opportunities and client introductions.
  • Set the partnership’s objectives and then track and hit all the milestones and agreed on targets.
  • Co-brand content, such as white papers, advertorials, press releases, ads and social media messaging to create new mind share and market reach.
  • Honor and maintain strict brand and logo use policies as set by partners.
  • Follow up with the media and bloggers to get coverage for the partnership announcement, updates about initiatives and new sales.
  • Develop content, collateral and multimedia to specifically support partnership programs, including print, new landing pages, videos, webinars, podcasts, etc.
  • Liaise with your partners’ marketing, communications and lead generation areas (internal, outsourced firms or call centers) to design and refine your company’s materials and/or pitch scripts.
  • Introduce one partner to another partner to create even more client introduction opportunities and synergies.

Existing partnerships can often be improved and leveraged to create more sales and opportunities.  New partnerships can provide new potential for additional leads and results.

Julia Hidy’s experiences in developing and maintaining key industry partnerships can either provide your executives with an additional resource for a complicated or time-constrained program.  Or she can run entire partnership programs on your company’s behalf.

Julia Hidy Marketing can help your company expand into already mature markets, enter new verticals and find new opportunities to connect with impending clients.