Partnerships have become part of doing business better.  They can be complex and require effort to be set up an run properly.  They can also provide your company with more opportunities.

I’ve developed relationships and worked with partner companies to promote my company or clients’ programs.  I’ve also worked to promote partners’ programs at Microsoft, IBM, Motorola, Bell, HP, Xerox, DigiPos, and others.

The partner programs can be simple or highly complex.  I’ll provide your company with ways to:

  • Develop new partnership presentations.
  • Secure new partner agreements or invite participation into their programs.
  • Complete online ‘applications’ and web page listings.
  • Work together to define and create mutually beneficial opportunities and key client and other introductions.
  • Set partnership objectives, track, and meet all milestones and agreed targets.
  • Co-brand content, such as white papers, advertorials, press releases, ads and social media messaging to improve branding and gain market share.
  • Honor and maintain strict brand and logo use policies, as set by partners.
  • Follow up with the media and bloggers to receive coverage for partnership announcements, initiative updates, and sales’ announcements.
  • Develop content, collateral and multimedia content to specifically support partnership programs, including print, new landing pages, videos, webinars, podcasts, etc.
  • Liaise with your partners’ marketing, communications and lead generation team(s)(internal, outsourced firms and/or call centers) to design and refine your company’s materials and/or pitch scripts.
  • Introduce one partner to another partner to create even greater client introduction opportunities and synergies.

I will consistently think of ways to improve existing partnerships so they can be leveraged to create more sales and opportunities.  Partner programs I’ve run or have managed can help your company:

  • expand into already mature markets;
  • enter new verticals;
  • enter new geographic regions; and
  • find new opportunities to connect with hard-to-reach prospects and stakeholders.